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We asked #TeamEames: Is living more eco-friendly good for your mental health?

Earth Awareness Week

​There’s plenty of evidence to show that eco-consciousness can be fantastic for our mental health, and we already know that spending time in green spaces is clinically proven to be good for our health.

We asked #Team Eames: Is living more eco-friendly good for your mental health?

  • "I think it brings awareness to the world around you and can encourage healthy activities such as walking, growing your own produce etc." - Lauren Seal, head of HR & Operations

  • "As we have been made aware over the pandemic, having access to green, non-urban space is crucial to mental health for many people. With this in mind, we need to protect the environment so that green places can thrive. In a more alarming revelation, poor air quality is both directly (it changes the chemical makeup of our bodies) and indirectly (it can exacerbate underlying medical issues, which in turn impact wellbeing) linked to a decrease in mental health. There is also studies that feeling that you are acting in a sustainable or wholesome manner can improve mental health and wellbeing.

    Broadly speaking, if you are eating more sustainability and eating local produce, the foods you are consuming have a higher nutrient composition as they are fresher and typically, although not always, are filled with the vitamins/minerals that you are likely to need at the time of year that you’re eating them, e.g. brussel Sprouts are rich in the antioxidants that we typically need in the winter months." - Abigail Moss, associate director, UK

  • "Personally I think yes, being more eco-friendly is very good for your mental health. Firstly it encourages you to get outdoors and walk/cycle/run instead of using cars - exercising is always good for mental health.

    Secondly, by being more eco-conscious it encourages you to think about the consequences of your actions. Being aware of the products you buy and what that means for the environment can help create a more positive outlook and mindset as it stops mindless purchases." - Hannah Turner, senior consultant, UK

  • "Sustainable living improves mindfulness. Through the process of examining the environmental impact of your daily activities, you become more aware of the influence your actions have on your mood and emotions. You focus better! Take it step by step. Just making an effort to behave more environmentally responsible is a huge help to the environment and is boost your mental health and relationships." - Jessica Evans, executive assistant, UK

  • "Yes, it brings up the awareness of sustainable living. It helps us become mindful and considerate and allows us a life goal or purpose greater than our own self." - Jojo Yeung, operations manager, Hong Kong

  • "Definitely. Particularly getting out and walking where you can is great for dusting off the cobwebs and taking some time to unwind." - Sophie Daniel, L&D & HR consultant, UK

  • "If you make a few minor changes to your habits to be more eco-friendly you feel like you’re part of a collective effort to look after our planet." - Jim Freeman, senior principal, UK

  • "It worries me seeing the effects of pollution and global warming so it definitely makes me feel like I’m doing my part and helping to contribute to less waste." - Jordan White, consultant, UK

  • "Sometimes the pressure to be eco-aware and consistent can have a negative impact if you don’t manage to recycle as much as you want, feel guilt about a purchase that is not very environmentally friendly, but on the other side, the overall feeling of doing your bit and making positive choices wins out." - Andrew Mackay, principal consultant, UK

  • "I can’t say that living more eco-friendly is good for my mental health directly but being more conscious of the environment, appreciating it when outside on runs or walks definitely is good for my mental health." - Daniel Warwick, managing director, Singapore

  • "I wouldn’t say there’s a direct correlation in being more eco-friendly to my mental health, but I do find some changes I made added some benefits to my mental health like; eating in at restaurants/cafes during my lunch break forces me to get out of the office; being more present by being outside the office environment. Also, walking instead of taking taxi/transport is another way to be present. I listen to music sometimes and avoid using my phone completely." - Eugenia Lee, consultant, Singapore

  • "It is! I feel great that I am doing my part as a mother educating my daughter on the importance of being environmentally conscious as well as a citizen on this planet." - Diyana AB, operations manager, Singapore

  • "Definitely, doing the right thing always makes you feel better internally and simply getting out more is great for your mental health." - Natasha Richards, client relationship manager, UK