Explore a recruitment career with Eames.


We are Opportunity Makers

This is your opportunity to shape your career.

To shape people and their future. This is your opportunity to transform business.

Your opportunity to learn from like-minded self-starters. Self-starters who don’t wait for opportunity, but create it. Who when they say they’re going to do something, they get it done. Who make success happen.

This is your opportunity to be part of a growing global team.

Opportunity awaits at Eames,

…will you take it?


We are Opportunity Makers.

Let the facts do the talking

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    International opportunities across four countries

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    Leading commission scheme and financial rewards

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    Over 300 preferred suppliers

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    A third of employees promoted within 12 months

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    130+ employees

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    Dedicated and ongoing L&D for every consultant

Where in the world are we?

  • London
  • Zurich
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

Do we share the same values?


    We value people who take responsibility

    We want people who own their work and roll up their sleeves to deliver what they promise. Those who take ownership of their results, and communicate early any challenges and blockers.

    In return, we offer support, counsel and provide an environment of autonomy and guidance. We don’t breath down necks and trust people to succeed in their work. We all have expectations, but we empower our people to deliver in the ways that suit their strengths.


    We value people who motivate themselves

    We want self-starters with goals in life. We want people who are always trying to move forwards, and who raise others to move forwards with them. Those who push for bigger and better.

    In return we offer an environment that is built to help people progress. We reward and recognise people in ways that are personal and relevant to them. We all have the capability to be exceptional and we help each other to get there.


    We value people who build their specialism

    We want people who are looking to deepen their knowledge and use their expertise to build powerful relationships. Our focus is always about moving on from the transactional to the strategic. We know our craft and are restless in our desire to develop.

    In return, we ensure the training, mentorship and skills are there for all to access. We all start somewhere, and as long as we put the work in, we can upskill and keep sharpening our competitive edge.


    We value people who build our team

    We want people who can shape our culture. Who are eager to share and spread knowledge, support others and bring out the best in us all. Be that in our team, our office, or through our global network.

    In return, we make our workplaces so that they are bursting with opportunity. That are fun and vibrant to be a part of and fight to be inclusive to everyone’s needs and welcome diversity. We do everything in our power to keep our professional and social bonds strong.


    We value people who face into change

    We want people who are up for the challenge and not afraid to learn from failure and success. Our world changes constantly; we do not jump on every turn, but aren’t afraid to make ourselves uncomfortable. We take calculated risks and accept responsibility for the results.

    ​In return, together we strengthen how we work and build our platform for success. We recognise those who face into challenge and work as a team to improve. If there’s something in our way, we address it honestly and together.