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We Asked Team Eames: How do you keep a work-life balance?

​Work-life balance is less about dividing the hours in your day evenly between work and personal life and, instead, is more about having the flexibility to get things done in your professional life while still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life.

We asked TeamEames: How do you keep a work-life balance?

  • "It's hard as I'm sure you can appreciate with a large business, a wife and 3 children. I've certainly got better at it, largely helped by having the right team around me and capable people to delegate to. That’s pretty much the one and only perk of being a CEO! Otherwise, I've always stayed fit and taken time to run, go to the gym, cycle or even wash a car for a few hours helps to decompress and give me time to switch off." Matthew Eames, founder & CEO

  • "I find it tough personally to strike a good balance between work and life. However, it is important to take time off to spend quality time with family and recharge. Taking care of one’s health is of utmost importance."Chanel Wee, principal consultant, Singapore

  • "I make sure I use my lunch breaks or before work to go to the gym as I feel it's really good for my mental health and well-being."Robin Muir, partner & senior principal, UK

  • "Having children has definitely helped…weirdly! I’m just far more organised and efficient with my time and I try where possible to make sure I stick to certain tasks at certain times of the day. Leaving the office by 6PM is a must-do and I’d be lost without my phone enabling me to clear a lot of emails and basic stuff on the run." Glen Roberts, partner & director, UK

  • "This is only something that I have really been able to work out over the past couple of years. Focussing on what I can make a difference on in the office, making sure I have time for my family and making sure I have time for myself have been the three key factors. Not overthinking or worrying about things out of my control has enabled me to find the balance between the three above factors."Daniel Warwick, managing director, Asia

  • "I leave my job at work now, for many years I didn’t know how to switch off; exercise is very important to me and I do various weekend activities and normally travel a lot."Hazel Rowe, region audit head, Singapore

  • "I always ensure that I maintain personal life goals or trips away in the diary that have nothing to do with work. It’s a chance to switch off. I also regularly go to the gym after a long or stressful day which always allows me to have some downtime."Liam O'Mahoney, partner & associate director, UK

  • "I try to be as productive as possible during working hours, as I do enjoy relaxing and exercising in the evening. I try and not be so harsh on myself if I don’t have an amazing week. There are some things that I can’t control, and I try and think about what I could’ve done better (that was under my control) during that week and I apply it to the following one. This makes me feel better."Rafaela Fakhre, principal consultant, UK

  • "I always found this difficult, but I’ve learnt to make sure to put time aside time for myself. If you don’t do this it’s easy to burn out quickly."Sam Crayk, manager, UK

  • "By working with the right people. I have made some of my closest friends in recruitment. If you like the people that you work with, it doesn’t always feel like work."Toby Miles, managing consultant, Hong Kong