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Quick Fire 10: Why Eames?

What do our team say about us? 

We asked Team Eames: Why Eames? 

  • "The people, the brand, the opportunities, the platform. There are so many reasons I would choose Eames over and over again!" Laura Bellamy, principal consultant, UK

  • "Best company I’ve worked for. Excellent balance between working hard and playing hard. Mature attitude to their clients and business." Gabriel Moore, senior consultant, UK

  • "I initially liked it here because I work with some good people who are actually subject matter experts. The training we do suits us all at all different ages and levels and I can always call on someone. This includes looking after my general well-being, hence why I've been here so long!" Hazel Rowe, regional audit head, Singapore

  • "Eames has many values that appeal to me, one of them being accountability as taking pride in the work I do is important to me." Farhana Hussain, principal consultant, UK

  • "The reputation of the business and the sheer number of clients they work with means the opportunities for a consultant coming in are pretty much endless." Jim Freeman, principal consultant, UK

  • "The people and the platform. Eames has a good platform with multiple clients that I could leverage and a number of strong performers that I could learn from." Toby Miles,managing consultant, Hong Kong

  • "I believe that Eames has a great working environment and colleagues that will really push me to the next level and bring me closer to my professional success." Keo Salonga, consultant, Singapore

  • "My first impression was good from the people I met, and as a firm, they were true to their word with regards to the culture and KPI's. The commission structure is extremely competitive and progression is very structured so you know what you need to do to get to the next level." Matthew Lam, senior consultant, Hong Kong