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Quick Fire 10: What are you driven by and how do you stay motivated?

Corporate Services Takeover

​​We’re all driven by different things. Motivation and drive is a powerful tool to push ourselves forward to reach our goals. That’s what makes us unique. In this Quick Fire 10 takeover, we shine a light on our marketing, HR and operations, learning & development, finance and talent acquisitions functions.

We asked the team: What are you driven by and how do you stay motivated?

  • "I’m driven by all sorts of things, but I think mostly I am driven by challenge, the desire to continuously develop, and making a positive impact (internally and externally). I’m motivated when I am out of my comfort zone." Graham Harrison, financial controller, UK

  • "Learning the process of problem-solving and being able to complete targets I’ve given to myself." Jojo Yeung, operations manager, Hong Kong

  • "I’d say I am driven by curiosity. Specifically learning how I can be better tomorrow than I am today." Jake Wilkins, associate accountant, UK

  • "Success, recognition and being part of a team! My team and colleagues keep me motivated!" Jessica Evans, executive assistant, UK

  • "Driven by doing a good job and being recognised for it, developing in my role and taking on additional levels of responsibility, feeling like I’m progressing and adding genuine value. Staying motivated for me is about positive mental attitude and when things get frustrating ranting at my sausage dog, she’s a great listener!" Danielle Rainert, head of people and performance, UK

  • "Personal and professional growth and seeing the business continue to evolve whilst being supported proactively from an operations perspective are big drivers for me. Seeing the team develop and progress within their roles is also really important, and the opportunities provided by Eames combined with our collaborative approach are some of the reasons we have maintained such good tenure within the team and are able to provide such a high level of support to the business." Lauren Seal, head of HR & Operations, UK

  • "Mentoring and upskilling the team, seeing them succeed in their role, Learning new things, finding ways to solve problems and overcome challenges as well as opportunity to develop." Emma Davie, operations manager, UK

  • "Take it one day at a time and reward myself to stay motivated." Amelia Tan, operations assistant, Singapore

  • "Doing a good job, which in turn helps the company and my colleagues do things better." Richard Williams, director of finance & operations, UK

  • "I enjoy a challenge, so a good puzzle to solve really drives me. It doesn’t need to be broken just can the question be asked: “could it work better?”. I get satisfaction diving into the fine details of something and searching for all the incremental improvements that can be made to it. If I know something is beyond my current expertise or abilities this will really push me too. Despite liking to sometimes pretend to myself that I am the most independent person in the world knowing that my colleagues find value in what I have been doing keeps me motivated especially if it has been a tough time."  Matthew Jones, Head of L&D, Asia

  • "Relationships are key. With colleagues, peers, competitors… everyone. It’s imperative for moving your career forward, engaging with your sales colleagues and keeping your knowledge current. With that comes a vital need for self-awareness and emotional intelligence." Sarah Roebuck, partner & head of marketing, UK

  • "I’m driven by seeing what I do have an impact on the business whether it's seeing someone put new skills into practice they have learnt in training with me or seeing work I’ve done on Salesforce makes a process easier for someone and that’s really what keeps me motivated." Sophie Daniel, HR and L&D consultant, UK

  • "I’m driven by doing the best possible job that I can. My belief is that we can all, always learn and that nobody is perfect so constantly striving to do better keeps me motivated. That, and the impact that what I do has on the business." Ruth Foster, chief people officer, UK

  • "I am driven by Management’s faith in me and what keeps me motivated is the appreciation and kindness I received from people I work with" Diyana AB, operations manager, Singapore

  • "I am always looking for fun in my work and life as well as self-satisfaction that is not only just financial." Pamela Yu, administrative assistant, Hong Kong

  • I'm driven by a challenge, contuing to learn and develop and I'm motivated by purposeful initiatives that are going to impact the business in a positive way." Sheridan Muir, marketing executive, UK