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We asked Team Eames: What is your number one secret to success?

Corporate Services Takeover

​The success of a recruitment business isn’t always defined by just the sales team. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes via the corporate services functions - the engine room of a high-performance organisation.

In this Quick Fire 10 takeover, we shine a light on our marketing, HR and operations, learning & development, finance and talent acquisition functions. We asked the team: What is your number one secret to success? ​

  • "Push yourself and expect more of yourself than anyone else ever will." Ruth Foster, chief people officer, UK

  • "Stay humble and never stop learning and improving." Diyana AB, operations manager, Singapore

  • "Be nice and integrate with people. This is more powerful than you may think." Graham Harrison, financial controller, UK

  • "Be open-minded and be bold. Having the courage to try something new always gives you opportunities and inspiration." Pamela Yu, administrative assistant, Hong Kong

  • "If there are secrets, I would like to know them! In my experience, you only get out what you put in. So hard work." Jake Wilkins, associate accountant, UK

  • "Staying solution orientated. Nobody likes to be told ‘no’ (especially salespeople!) and although sometimes it’s inevitable I find keeping a solutions-orientated approach helps me build and maintain good working relationships which is key in my role. Plus I like the challenge of trying to figure it out." Sophie Daniel, sales & system trainer, UK

  • "Accountability and enthusiasm; do what you say you’re going to do and do it with passion and a smile!" Danielle Rainert, head of people and performance, UK

  • "Hard work, dedication and positivity! Life will always throw challenges your way but continue to persevere, remain focussed and positive, and you will overcome them." Lauren Seal, head of HR & Operations, UK

  • “Focus on the solutions, not on the problem.” Emma Davie, operations manager, UK

  • "Talk to people, build relationships, get to know them and their business. In support functions, we have skills that can really help salespeople, but in order to do that effectively, you need to work with them not preach to them." Richard Williams, director of finance & operations, UK