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Quick Fire 10: What is it about recruitment that has kept you in the industry?

Corporate Services Takeover

People often wrongly assume that there aren’t long term career aspects in recruitment, but our established and experienced corporate services team boasts over 90 years in tenure at Eames. In this Quick Fire 10 takeover, we shine a light on our marketing, HR and operations, learning & development, finance and talent acquisition functions.

We asked the team: What is it about recruitment that has kept you in the industry?

  • "The people. Working with driven and ambitious people and supporting their development. There’s never a dull moment in recruitment!" Ruth Foster, chief people officer, UK

  • "The joy of working with such a dynamic and interesting group of colleagues and being part of the process where talents are rightfully employed." Diyana AB ,operations manager, Singapore

  • "The people across all sectors, it’s a great company to work for and have loved every minute." Arlene Cooper, credit & treasury manager, UK

  • "I love the culture that comes from working in a recruitment business. There is so much variety in my role so no two days are ever the same and the industry itself is ever-evolving, which supports personal development and growth." Lauren Seal, head of HR & operations, UK

  • "I’ve loved recruitment since I started in 2009, the earning potential and sense of ‘running a desk’ like your own business within a business always excited me when I was a recruiter myself. I’ve stayed long term in the industry due to its people orientated nature and the room for growth and development as an industry; I coach and train people to be great at ‘selling’ people to people, that never gets boring and every person is different." Danielle Rainert, head of people and performance, UK

  • "There are a few factors that have kept me in the Industry. The one that has the biggest impact though is that the people you find in recruitment are rewarding to work with as they tend to be ambitious, competitive and hard working. Within an L&D role, this definitely contributes to making the role fulfilling as a large part of the job satisfaction is to do with the people that you work with each day." Matthew Jones, head of learning & development, Asia

  • "I enjoy that even in finance it is quite fast-paced. It has kept me on my toes so far and offered lots of room for personal development." Jake Wilkins, associate accountant, UK

  • "There is no other sector that offers me the opportunity to focus on clients, candidates and employer branding; the role is so varied, so it keeps me on my toes!" Sarah Roebuck, partner & head of marketing, UK

  • "The interaction with different people and there is always development in recruitment." Jojo Yeung, operations manager, Hong Kong

  • "It’s fast-paced, I like the people and when done well the industry makes a significant positive difference to people’s lives." Richard Williams, director of finance & operations, UK

  • "Working with a range of people, internally and externally. It is a very sociable job and has built my confidence a lot." Emma Davie, operations manager, UK

  • "The people, the culture, the environment." Graham Harrison, financial controller, UK

  • "The people and the pace of the industry. There is always change to keep everyone on their toes!" Sophie Daniel, sales & system trainer, UK