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We asked Team Eames: What is it about recruitment that has kept you in the industry

The recruitment industry is often seen as place people don’t stay in for very long or that it’s for 'job hoppers’ but in fact, being a recruitment consultant can bring some exceptional opportunities and be a fulfilling career where no two days are the same.

32% of Team Eames joined us five or more years ago, with the longest member chalking up 12 years! Proof there are long-term career prospects in recruitment. It’s a job that comes with many highs and lows, but there are many reasons people love this job and build long-term careers in recruitment.

So, we asked Team Eames, what is it about recruitment that has kept you in the industry?

  • "The competitive nature of the industry paired with the fact that I enjoy building relationships within my specialist market. Plus, the harder you work the likelihood of earning more can be very attractive." - Luke Eeles, associate director, Singapore

  • "I find the market interesting, colleagues, my team and my manager all work very well together. Good company culture as well!" - William Bragg, senior consultant, London

  • "The unpredictable nature of how each day, week, month or quarter will turn out. I thrive on the craziness of the recruitment roller coaster coupled with the money and high earning potential. I’ve always also loved seeing my team progress and develop, both professionally and personally. This gives me more of a kick the longer I stay in recruitment." - Glen Roberts, director, London

  • It's always different and I enjoy working with the people we do as both clients and candidates. - Elliot Steen, associate director, Hong Kong

  • "My job satisfaction comes from knowing that I made a difference in someone’s career regardless if it’s large or small. From seeing candidates clinch their dream jobs or being able to advise people on their careers, it might sound cliché but it’s beyond just a job." - Abigail Lee, senior consultant, Singapore

  • "The financial rewards, the people and culture (particularly the social aspect!), the autonomy the role provides and the ups when everything is going well are pretty unbeatable." - Thomas Davenport, senior consultant, London

  • "The satisfaction of placing candidates, meaningful conversations with industry stakeholders, the dynamism of the role (as not one day is the same) and that we get remunerated for the good work that we do." - Chanel Wee, principal consultant, Singapore

  • "The challenge of taking ownership in building a desk and reputation in a highly competitive market as well as the financial rewards that are available when you put in the time and effort." - Liam O'Mahoney, associate director, London

  • "International opportunities. Consistent progression. Financial gain." - Alex Ince, managing director, Hong Kong

  • "I have always liked the fact that you get out what you put in, the harder you work the more money and reward you get. The is no ceiling because of your age or experience." - Mark Thomas, director, London

  • "How rewarding it can be with hard-work and the fact that there is no ceiling, even for someone who is just starting. I also like the fact that I am working towards becoming a specialist in the market, and the recognition that comes from it." - Rafaela Fakhre, senior consultant, London

  • "Working with people every day and the fast paced nature of the role is something I love. There’s also a clear career path and you’re rewarded on the work you put in, which suits me well." - Sam Crayk, manager, London

  • "I have always questioned myself: Am I the best person for this job, does it serve any purpose at all? Am I really using my time at its fullest potential and making the money I want?

  • Surprisingly, despite all these big question marks, I have been in recruitment for a good 8 years now and still going. I may not have an answer to all of the above but I can only say it’s definitely not difficult to make money in recruitment if you do it right. What really kept me going in this industry is that it doesn’t just teach us how to deal with people, it teaches us how to deal with ourselves." - Wendy Tay, senior consultant, Singapore

  • "The people. This includes clients, candidates and colleagues over the years, many of whom that I now consider close friends rather than work colleagues. Also, it is very true that you get out what you put in and the opportunity to determine your own pay cheque every quarter keeps me going!" - Chirag Raichura, associate director, London

  • "It may sound a little cheesy but it’s seeing people grow and be enriched in their career. Whether that’s a candidate that has been placed, a client who you have assisted or more importantly the people that you work with. We work in a people focussed industry, so it always has to be about them." - Daniel Warwick, managing director, Singapore

  • "Technology is the exciting part of my role, constantly seeing change in the industry drives some exciting conversations and engaging with some really interesting people doing some incredible things." Robin Muir, senior principal, London