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Secrets of Success: Rafaela Fakhre [Episode 2]

Three promotions in under three years and proof that quick progression really is possible in recruitment

For our second episode in the series, I am joined by Rafaela Fakhre, a principal consultant in our London office who specialises in the actuarial market.

Joining our Actuarial team in 2018 as a fresh face to the recruitment sector from her native home country, Brazil, Rafaela is a prime example of where drive and a passion for learning can take you. Earning three promotions in her career with Eames, Rafaela is now a principal consultant in one of Eames’ most successful teams.

For those who know Rafaela, you’d find it hard to believe that just two years ago, she had never even heard the word “actuarial”, let alone understood the intricacies of this specialism, as there is no doubt, she has immersed herself into this market and carved out a niche for herself. In this episode of Secrets of Success, Rafaela highlights the opportunities available in recruitment if you truly specialise and commit to learning as much as you can.

This is an inspiring 20-minute watch for anyone new to recruitment who is curious about the career path available in this industry – and if the “quick progression” everyone is promised is viable. Or, for those working in a niche specialism like Rafaela, you’ll want to hear her secrets for success and what keeps her in recruitment.

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