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We asked Team Eames: What’s the proudest moment of your career?

​Recognising our successes and achievements is a powerful motivator and reminder for individuals and teams to continue working hard and reinforce meaning behind all your hard work. We asked Team Eames, what’s the proudest moment of your career?

  • “Being made Partner. It was something I worked really hard towards and has been a real driver and aspiration for me since joining Eames 7 years ago.”Lauren Seal, head of HR & Operations

  • “Being given the opportunity to manage and grow the Singapore business.”Daniel Warwick, managing director, Singapore

  • “Moving to Singapore and billing over a million a year after securing one of the largest banking accounts.”Hazel Rowe, regional head, Singapore

  • “Becoming a homeowner through the commission I earned in recruitment. It made all the tough times in recruitment worth it.” – Chirag Raichua, associate director, London

  • “Qualifying for the annual Saffron trip in my first year working at Eames. This was a symbol of my hard work being recognised which makes me proud.”Rafaela Fakhre, senior consultant, London

  • “Being promoted from Associate Consultant to Consultant. Going from 180 to 360 is a tough transition.”Will Bragg, senior consultant, London

  • “Building out a team and office for my old company in Sydney between 2010-2012. I was 28 when I arrived home to Australia and being given that responsibility and autonomy so early on in my career was incredibly rewarding and fun. Lots of mistakes, lots of lessons learned that stick with me to this day.”Glen Roberts, director, London

  • "Being one of the first few consultants to spearhead the growth of our private banking business. This industry works very differently and comes with its own unique set of challenges but we’ve committed to its expansion and have grown so much since then." - Abigail Lee, Senior Consultant, Singapore

  • "Achieving two promotions in just over a year." - Thomas Davenport, senior consultant, London

  • "Building and mentoring a successful team and qualifying for Saffron 2020 on personal billings." - Sam Crayk, manager, London

  • ​"My proudest moments are when I get recognised for the excellent work done, be it by a client mentioning their positive experiences with me or even by the company, say when I hit personal milestones to get a promotion or awards." Chanel Wee, principal consultant, Singapore

  • "It’s when I had my first big commission cheque and I bought my mom a new car with it." Toby Miles, managing consultant, Hong Kong