We asked Team Eames: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced in your career and how have you overcome that?

​Resilience is the mark of a driven and focused recruiter. We all know a career in this industry can come with its highs and lows, and things don’t always go our way. Overcoming challenges in our careers will lead us to understand more about what drives us forward and keeps us going. We asked Team Eames, What’s the biggest challenges you’ve experienced in your career and how have you overcome that?

"2019 was tough as what could have been another good year was dictated by a tough insurance market and political unrest in Hong Kong. Staying positive and trying to diversify business have helped a bad year not become drastic." – Elliot Steen, Associate Director Hong Kong

"The 2008 financial crash. It was also a very difficult time in the market and I was made redundant. I had to re-build my desk in a new company and work even harder to adapt to the market conditions to teach myself new areas of Finance and wider my desk remit."Chirag Raichura, Associate Director, London

"The associate consultant to consultant transition was a challenge, however, I think confidence was the key part in overcoming the transition and trying to remember both candidates and clients are just humans."Will Bragg, Senior Consultant, London

"Now…COVID-19! I control what I can control and motivate myself to focus on the positives. Routine and discipline are key as well to maintaining focus."Glen Roberts, Director, London

"I think it is very difficult for me to say that one challenge has been the biggest. The important factor is to not lose sight of your goals, have confidence and belief in yourself. Enjoy the small wins and know that although it may be tough today you are one step closer to overcoming that challenge tomorrow."Daniel Warwick, Managing Director, Singapore

"Getting to grips with the lows when things are not going well. It’s easy to be hyper critical and blame yourself. The important thing is to reflect and understand the things you could have handled better and the things that were outside of your control." Tom Davenport, Senior Consultant, London

"It’s happening now. Being in recruitment, you enjoy being around people, meeting all our amazing candidates and clients, working on a sales floor, etc. Working from home can be a tricky. Regular video calls and lunch time HIIT sessions have helped though!"Luke Eeles, Associate Director, Singapore

"When my manager left the business in 2018 that time was a big challenge for me. It was someone who taught me basically everything I know, a good friend as well as a boss to me, but that also gave me the determination to step up and implement everything I had learnt on my own."Robin Muir, Senior Principal, London