7 traits of resilient people

​Resilience means having the ability to bounce back. It isn’t about being macho and hiding your emotions when times are tough. Recruitment can be a hard job and it’s natural to feel disappointed when things don’t go to plan.

Failure and hearing ‘no’ are an occasional part of working life, especially in recruitment.

Here are seven traits of resilient people.

1. They are able to detect the cause of their problems

Resilient people carry out the strategies needed to prevent the problematic situation from happening again.

This also implies self-analysis, which is sometimes triggered by a conflict that does not come from the outside, but from within.

2. They know how to handle their emotions

Resilient people are able to manage their thoughts, since any emotions come from here. We think, then we feel.

Resilient people control their thoughts so they are not swayed by those with a negative charge.

3. They keep calm in stressful situations

We all go through difficult times throughout our lives and it is important to know how to stay calm when they occur.

Resilient people are able to stay focused and calm in situations of chaos and momentary confusion.

4. They are realistic

There has been a lot of (and negative) talk about optimism which generated the global idea that being positive means to deny certain aspects of reality that are inevitable and present in the lives of many people.

Being realist but always hoping for the best is the best way to describe the optimistic characteristic of resilient people.

5. They trust themselves

Resilient people have confidence in their worth and competence to overcome adversity.

What we say is what ends up forming our reality, so if we think we are not able to overcome an obstacle, of course, we won’t be able to.

6. They are empathetic

People with great capacity to address problems in the right wat read the emotions of others, understand what is happening around them and act accordingly.

7. They are able to motivate themselves

Not all people are equal. Some challenges motivate us and others are opportunities for change.

Resilient people know how to seek new ways of satisfaction from life. They are always highly motivated and are able to detect and attract positive things into their lives.