What do recruitment marketers actually do?

​Without even realising it, marketing has a bigger part to play in your daily recruitment routine than you probably realised. A client finding your details online, going to a meeting with a custom-made pack, sharing a blog to your LinkedIn or posting jobs on selected job boards, has a strategy behind it.

Juggling all of that, and more means being a recruitment marketer is not easy. There are a lot of spinning plates to contend with such as creating market aligned campaigns, focusing on company goals, budgets and industry changes. Not to mention the need to be consistently creative, analytical, agile and keep evolving the brand. A recruitment agency that stands still for too long, loses the spotlight to its competitors who aren’t afraid to take risks and put their name out there.

Powering the front line

Sales and marketing are working towards the same goal, (more customers, equals more profit), and they both use their skillsets in different ways. That is why a huge part of marketing is to build a strong relationship with the sales team. Recruiters are those on the front line. Building up daily an inventory of knowledge from speaking to clients and candidates that marketing can harness and turn into a social media campaign or a series of blogs you can send to your clients to best showcase your capabilities.

On your behalf, the marketing team is building relationships for you with prospects and leads daily. The second they come across the website, a relationship has begun, and marketers will ensure every avenue online exposes each part of the business and what makes you the recruiter they need to be speaking to.

Recruitment marketers are specialists in all that they do

Just as recruiters need to learn and develop their own knowledge of their specialism, marketers must do the same, but for every specialism across the company – and their own technical marketing skillsets.

Let’s not forget about technology. There is no shortage of tools at a marketer’s disposal from graphic design programmes, video production software and online analytical platforms, all of which require attention to get the job done right. Many recruitment companies will source external help for such requirements, but for many, they will keep it inhouse and learn from scratch.

 It is an ongoing process of consistently learning and becoming ‘trend investigators’ to see what will spark the interest of clients and candidates. Marketers not only work to find and attract new followers of the brand on social but also work to retain them. It is important to know what the company’s audience wants to know, how to best reach them and how to advocate the brand and its values in a way that provokes a positive response.

Guardians of the brand

Whether you wish to call your marketing team angels or not is up to you, but they are certainly guardians of the brand you work for. Recruitment marketers are consistently monitoring your competition to see how they can provide an added edge for you. It is important for a brand to be defined and managed in a way that separates you from the rest. Creativity is the key to standing out and marketers will innovate by putting new ideas into motion as a result of thorough market research.

After all, we live in a digital world where a marketing function must decide which platforms to make the company’s presence known on, for what reason and how to be the most visible. It is all about creating credibility and authority in an increasingly loud industry, where every recruitment agency is fighting to be seen and heard.

Recruitment marketers create and promote a company’s voice, specialisms, consultants, culture, and knowledge. It is not as easy as making a few posts on LinkedIn and throwing together an attractive client pack. Recruitment marketers pride themselves on being experts in what they do, along with consistently taking on new marketing tools needed to do the job. They are often working away behind the scenes, working not only to show that you are a specialist recruiter but to become specialists themselves as recruitment marketers.