Money on the mind

Money is an important motivation in the recruitment sector. It’s what drives us to pick up the phone to business develop, book in interviews and work towards hitting our targets. However, no matter what level you are or the title you hold, we all have different reasons around earning more money.

Money and mental health – why the connection?

Money and mental health create a cycle. The more you worry about money, the higher the chance it will impact your mental health. It can cause us stress, worry and a sense of ongoing urgency.

Working in the city means the temptation to spend money is constantly there. Whether it be eating out, alcohol, material purchases or an active lifestyle, it can quickly drain your cash well in advance of the next pay day.

However, these discretionary purchases are a temporary high, and ironically, compound financial stress. Recruitment is a superb industry for earning potential but each employee in the company will have different motivations that drive them to optimal performance and hence financial reward.

For some, it is knowing you are maximising opportunities for your family. For others, it is to have an active social life, to pay for fitness classes or personal health, while others aim to work their way up the property ladder or make other long-term investments. All understandable and all a priority.

How can you set yourself up for success?

Without a plan in place, procrastination can kick in and you will find yourself with no clear direction around your motivation.

Some quick tips:

  • Assess your current situation, set your goals, stay organised and always focus on the result.

  • In recruitment you are fortunate enough to be around colleagues who are there for the same reasons as you. Making your personal financial goals part of your work goals can push your drive even further.

  • Correlating the number of placements to what you will earn you, means every placement is a step further to your goal.

  • Feed on the supportive environment in a diverse company. A company that celebrates different people and their respective goals creates a thriving and happy work environment for everyone.

Positivity around you will help you focus on the progress instead of the shortfalls. Working relationships impact your motivation the most – especially in recruitment where you share each other’s ups and downs.

The best things take time

We are all human. Having a profitable month can be a good time to reward yourself and there is no shame in that.

Depriving yourself of fun and only focusing on wealth accumulation can lead you to begrudge your job.

Utilise your company’s support systems and employee benefits platform; seek financial advice if it can help steer you in the right direction.

As a recruiter, it is important to be driven for the next placement, and not only see it as achieving your work goals, but how it is benefiting your personal life.​