Motivate the mind and the body will follow

It is human nature to relax whenever we have free time. Going to the gym, yoga, spin classes, boxing, whatever your choice of activity, has the potential to do so much for you and your well-being; including helping you tackle your day from the get go.

However, logic and reason walk out the door after a long day at work and the idea of fitting in time for exercise can be overwhelming.

Most articles you will read are around people going to the gym to lose weight or pack on muscle, both of which might be noble goals. But what if we started to look at the gym as something that isn’t entirely about fitness? Would you go more often?

There is a lot more to working out than just focusing on body composition. Here are three primary reasons why hitting the gym can deliver benefits that have nothing to do with your shape, size or weight.


Give your brain and mood a boost

Walking out of the gym feeling refreshed and energised is the benefit that never seems as obtainable when you are walking in, but that is what you need to focus on.  The ‘happy chemicals’ called endorphins that are released during exercise, interact with your brain’s receptors to reduce, for example stress, and result in an uplifting and euphoric feeling.

Stress can impact our lives when, instead of channeling our emotions into something useful, we let our minds bounce from one worry to another. Work can contribute a huge portion of worries that we carry with us daily and allow to build up. Use the gym as a chance to create your own chemical concoction of happiness.


Spark some inspiration

Ever heard the story of the scientist who quit his job to take up mundane employment so he could free up his mind to focus on unanswered questions and puzzles? Well on a less extreme scale the same goes for the gym.

Going to the gym can give your mind the break it needs to gain inspiration in other areas of your life, especially for work. Research shows that consistent exercise can have a positive impact on creativity. Whether you are struggling to find your spark in your role that sets you aside from other colleagues, or have a difficult project that needs a boost; grab your trainers and get some inspiration.


Who else loves sleep?

How many times have you lost sleep worrying about work? Guilty of staring at your phone or laptop screen well into the night because you can’t switch off from your day?

Getting a good night’s sleep consistently is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle that is severely underrated. Resorting to sleeping aids such as tablets, will not help you in the long run. It is a short term solution that simply papers over the cracks.

Sleep is so important in some countries that from last year many began paying their employees to get a good night’s sleep. In their opinion a well-rested team is good for business. I wouldn’t recommend bringing up this idea up at your next company meeting, but it goes to show how the power of a good night’s sleep is being recognised.

Studies have shown even a modest workout first thing in the morning will have you ready to hit the pillow when it comes to bedtime and has a positive effect in many aspects of your life.

Performing at your best in work is gained by giving your mind and body the tools it needs to focus your energy and keep you balanced. Getting more exercise can help you take on the world. It will shine a light on your strengths and do wonders for your career.​