Choose to thrive, not just survive

​If you were to stop and think about your career, would you say you were surviving or thriving? Are you complacent in your progress and effort towards work each day or, are you hitting your targets and reaching new milestones of achievements?

It can sometimes feel like we are merely surviving in our roles day to day and the ongoing struggle to improve is constantly out of reach. Work has been cited as one of the main triggers behind mental health problems in the UK, as it consumes a huge part of our lives.

Any time you have to move out of your comfort zone it can cause anxiety, worry and lead to you not challenging yourself. More often than not, we will speak to a colleague or professional in the industry and decide it is easier to mirror them.

You have to be clear about what you want in your career.Creating a timeline of what you aim to achieve, will help you keep a focused mind-set. This is not to say life won’t get in the way and add challenges, (it would be great if that did not happen) but it will assist you in keeping your head in the game.

Take ownership of your career

For growth and satisfaction to go hand in hand through your career, there are certain qualities you need to continually tap into; the ability to adapt, be innovative, open to change, be resilient and always have a craving to learn.

  • Evolve and advance your competitive advantage Always be switched on and continuously work to learn and demonstrate a clear lead in your specialism. Your career is an unfinished work in progress.

  • Change is the constant in any business A common career blunder as well as a company downfall is conforming to the way things have always been done. Change is the door to new opportunities so be proactive and stay up to date on new insights.

  • Bring a sense of urgency to every task Unfortunately it is easy to become complacent. Every aspect of client and candidate satisfaction requires a sense of urgency. Always keep that at the back of your mind if you feel you are slipping into a routine.

  • Build relationships and listen at every opportunity It is often quoted; ‘It is not what you know, but who you know.’ (Well it is a bit of both!) We are each on a constant mission to expand our network so be conscious of making those connections and always keep an ear out for conversations that could benefit your work and knowledge.

Success will depend on creating thriving opportunities around you and using your knowledge of issues and emerging trends within your specialism. Think purposefully about how you choose to live your career; at the end of the day we are all CEO’s of our own job roles.