Saffron Club 2018: We've Widened the Gates

​Our annual Saffron Club trip has long recognised our global top performers.

For the past 15 years, our commitment to recognising and rewarding ‘Excellence’ in our business has seen many of #TeamEames enjoy memorable, luxury weekends away with their peers in places such as Spain, Croatia and most recently, Monaco.

This year, we made the bold decision to uncap the number of places available and give anyone, regardless of level, the opportunity to qualify. This means measuring individuals against their own expectation of Excellence, rather than against senior peers.

Speaking of the new qualification criteria, founder, Matthew Eames shared:

“I am very excited at the prospect of having more of our talented team join me on Saffron Club next year.

We’ve been running Saffron since I founded the business in 2002, and the trip has always been about recognising our top performers and celebrating success with our peers.

Opening the barriers to entry gives us the opportunity to recognise more of the incredible talent in our business, regardless of level and certainly should see some competition amongst the upcoming consultant and senior consultant community."

CEO, Guy Day shared: 

"We invest a lot in our incentives and benefits to ensure they are not only rewarding performance, but motivating and incentivising at every level of the business.

The changes have certainly been met with some excitement internally and as we look to grow our team this year, a strong incentive scheme will play a key part in attracting and retaining talent."