Putting marketing on the map

​I am very lucky to work for a business that is invested in marketing and sees the impact it can have on growth. More importantly, Eames is a business that sees the importance of building relationships with colleagues.

This is why I love working in the recruitment sector! It’s all about human interaction and building relationships. I like being able to share ideas, talk through concepts and flesh out whether something would be good for the business, or might just fall flat on its face.

I take real pride in seeing marketing initiatives create value for the business. 5 days in Asia was a great opportunity to “put marketing on the map” and get a closer understanding of how those segments of Eames operate and where marketing can have an impact. My objective has always been to focus on ROI and outcomes and shake the perception marketing is just about PowerPoint decks, branded pens and taking photos at events…!

Whilst the trip aimed to see where marketing can better support the teams out there, what’s been of most value is to get first-hand experience as to how our Hong Kong and Singapore offices operate, and the culture and dynamic of the teams on that side of the world.

I’d imagine one of the biggest challenges with opening overseas offices is how you embed the culture, or the DNA of the London team and bring it to life elsewhere. A logo on the wall of the office doesn’t make you part of the Eames business, and it was enlightening to see that our values of partnerships, accountability, credibility andethics really resonate with our teams in Asia.

I had some great catch ups, a few drinks (Jojo, Monday is the new Friday!) and if anything, the 30 hours of flying were worth it for the amazing food (and views!).

This trip has really reinforced how important building relationships is. I am very grateful to have been able to spend time with you all – thank you for the hospitality!

Singapore Visit