Sales Professionals

Bring your skills, driven and passion for sales to a new career.

There are many correlating skills and traits between roles in sales and those in recruitment. The difference in terms of benefits, remuneration, career progression and incentives however, can be huge.

If you have a proven track record in exceeding sales targets, growing accounts and successfully building relationships then you should consider a move into recruitment.

Discover just what you can enjoy and how Eames can harness your drive and passion for sales.

Ready to really push yourself?


From people who've been on the journey with Eames since the very beginning, to recent graduates just starting out in recruitment. We have a mixed team that come together to create a culture that you can thrive in.


We offer one of the most competitive commission schemes in the recruitment industry. If you are extremely driven you’ll not only shape your career development but have access to huge earning potential.


We invest in both on-the-desk and classroom style training. Our in-house trainer will work closely with you and across every layer of the business to support them from day one. If you have a continued thirst for learning and knowledge Eames is right for you.


We offer career paths for those aspiring to manage and individual contributors wishing to focus purely on sales. With clearly defined criteria for promotion, growing your career at Eames is structured, achievable, transparent and financially rewarding.


Our relationships, market reputation and the clients you could have access to will allow you to grow your client base and place candidates in thriving environments.

Our cloud-based CRM and infrastructure also offers a flexible work environment with support functions like HR, marketing, finance and contract compliance just a desk away.

  • Vincent Yao, Associate Director

    Vincent Yao, Associate Director

    Whats sets Eames apart from other agencies?

    ​It is a great place to work for a self-driven individual, while still allowing them to maintain a harmonious balance with life's other priorities such as family and children.

    How does Eames make you proud to work in recruitment?

    Every consultant in Eames is a specialist; I could bring any colleague to a meeting and tap on their expertise!

    What do you think it takes to be successful at Eames?

    "If you want to go fast, go alone. To go far, go together". There are opportunities abound in Eames for collaboration globally across all offices.

    What drives you?

    I have gradually learnt that having a purposeful life drives me forward. I am someone who needs to know why I am doing this for the long haul. 

  • Matthew Lam, Senior Consultant

    Matthew Lam, Senior Consultant

    ​What attracted you to Eames?

    The internal culture at Eames was what really attracted me to join the team, and the ethos behind the company is adopted by all the consultants here which is refreshing. 

    What does progression at Eames look like for you?

    Very clear and laid out. I always know what I need to achieve to take the next step in my career.

    How does Eames make you proud to work in recruitment?

    It’s core values are at the heart of what we do not compromise on those values when hiring.

    What drives you?

    I am driven by the great earning potential. The commission structure gives consultants more individual responsibility which in turn motivates me.

  • Laura Bellamy, Principal Consultant

    Laura Bellamy, Principal Consultant

    What attracted you to Eames?

    I was attracted to Eames’ mature environment and friendly culture across the business; everyone is very supportive and approachable.

    What does progression at Eames look like for you?

    It is very clearly set out and explained which is extremely helpful in setting your objectives and working towards achieving your goals.

    What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

    Genuinely placing the right people in the right roles, helping them achieve what they want in their professional development.

    What’s the most challenging part of your job?

    The most challenging part of my job is not being able to control every factor of the process. You’ve always got to be aware that some things might not go the way you anticipated and adapt a resilience to that.

    • Vincent Yao, Associate Director
    • Matthew Lam, Senior Consultant
    • Laura Bellamy, Principal Consultant

Where can your drive take you?

We want to inspire you to take every opportunity at Eames and own your drive. View your potential career path below.
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Incentives and benefits to reward your drive

People who do great work deserve great reward. We’re all driven by different things, so that’s why our incentives are designed to motivate, engage and recognise every level of the business.

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    Fine Dining

    Eat at amazing restaurants with our Directors and Founder on quarterly lunch clubs

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    High achievers club

    Enjoy day trips and activities such as rock climbing, street art classes and golfing

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    Work Flexibility

    Cloud-based CRM means you can do your job on the go

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    From pub quizzes, summer BBQ's and the infamous Christmas Party

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    Earning Potential

    Competitive base salaries, market-leading commission and referral scheme

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    Live Healthy

    From private medical insurance, daily fruit deliveries and extended lunch breaks for gym go-ers

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    High Achievers Club

    Enjoy day trips and activities such as rock climbing, street art classes and golfing

  • Fd3ab3d7

    Duvet Days

    For mornings when you just need a little ‘you’ time

  • B15c9a55

    Eames Beer

    Enjoy a pint of Eames branded beer at our local pub in London