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Secrets of Success: Sanj Vegad [Episode 11]

​From Senior Consultant to Director, Sanj Vegad has seen his career in recruitment flourish at Eames. Having joined the business in 2012, Sanj now leads arguably one of Eames' most successful teams.

In this episode of Secrets of Success, Sanj shares his advice for getting the most out of facetime with clients and candidates, and the use of data in managing people.

There is something to take away from this episode for everyone.

Watch the full episode below, or tune in on Apple, Spotify and your other favourite podcast platforms.

​Secrets of Success is a series for recruiters, by recruiters. I’ll be chatting to some of the best talent #TeamEames has to offer and giving you a glimpse into the highs and lows of their recruitment careers, and their secret to success in this industry.

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