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Secrets of Success: Jamie Card [Episode 8]

In episode 8 we're joined by Jamie Card, self-proclaimed Mr Motivator – “start your day on a 10!” – and an undeniably passionate recruiter. Jamie has climbed the career ladder at Eames and is currently holding the reigns of our UK contract team.

In this candid conversation, Jamie and Danni discuss adapting leadership styles in ‘the new world of work’ and digging deep for motivation when times get tough.

“There is no replication for being around your colleagues,” Jamie shares, and confesses to really struggling when the entire business flipped to remote working at the start of the pandemic.

This is an inspiring and engaging listen for anyone managing people and seeking advice on remote leadership.

Like what you hear? Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn or get in touch for a confidential conversation about recruitment careers at Eames:

Secrets of Success is a series for recruiters, by recruiters. I’ll be chatting to some of the best talent #TeamEames has to offer and giving you a glimpse into the highs and lows of their recruitment careers, and their secret to success in this industry.