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Secrets of Success: Curtis Browning [Episode 3]

For our third episode of Secrets of Success, Curtis Browning sheds some light on the crossroads most successful billers find themselves at - focus primarily on sales, or step in to a management role.

For our third episode in the Secrets of Success series, I am joined by Curtis Browning, a managing consultant in our London office who specialises in the actuarial market.​

Curtis has grown and developed his recruitment career at Eames, having joined us early on in his journey. Joining our Actuarial team in 2016, Curtis is a prime example of where drive and focus can take you. In this episode of Secrets of Success, Curtis talks openly about his love for the job - a passion that has earned four promotions in his career at Eames so far. From associate consultant to managing consultant, Curtis is now growing a team in one of our highest-performing divisions.

Most successful recruiters like Curtis reach a point in their career where they have to make a decision: focus primarily on sales and billing or step into a team leadership and management role. This decision didn't come naturally to Curtis, who says he was indecisive and opted for the principal route before realising that he is naturally driven by helping and supporting others. "I started as an associate consultant and did all of my development at Eames so I really know all the stages of the journey," shares Curtis, "I've always thought I could add a lot of value to juniors coming through."

This 20-minute watch is a must for recruiters who have climbed the ranks in their organisations and are finding themselves at the crossroad - management or billing? Curtis definitely has some advice for aspiring managers and his secrets for ensuring success in the transition.

Secrets of Successis a series for recruiters, by recruiters. I’ll be chatting to some of the best talent #TeamEames has to offer and giving you a glimpse into the highs and lows of their recruitment careers, and their secret to success in this industry.

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