Elliot Steen promoted to Associate Director in Hong Kong

​We are delighted to announce the promotion of Elliot Steen to Associate Director in Hong Kong.

Elliot joined Eames as a consultant at the start of 2016 and since then has put in a tremendous amount of hard work in building solid relationships with key industry leaders within his market.

Throughout his four year tenure he has assembled a successful team across Hong Kong and Singapore, and created a highly driven group of talented recruiters within the insurance industry.

Elliot has a lot of credibility with his clients and candidates, and a strong work ethic to not only deliver on roles but to also lead and support his team throughout their own career goals.

Alex Ince, managing director shares: “Elliot consistently gives high effort levels and is truly embedded in his market across the APAC region, and hold some exceptionally strong client relationships.

It gives me great pleasure to see Elliot step-up to the next level and he is a fantastic example to his colleagues and future recruiters who aspire to make the journey to senior management that dedication, consistency and drive are key components in achieving such success.

Congratulations Elliot, very well deserved!”